Simon Stellwag

Making of a Marketing Video

On a very tight budget


Explain services of Room Of Opportunity in a simple way.


Make a video to solves the need.

Success criteria

Video is made and is available to public.

Total budget

<700€ (without counting my personal working hours)

Some time ago I posted this quote referring to our spontaneous trip.

"Planning is important, but don’t forget to finally start your journey"

Christopher Many.

We left Russia without any particular plan and ended up in the south of Italy. So actually starting the trip was the best decision ever.


Today I think that this quote can apply to many things in life and here is a good example.

This video made not only represents what we do at Room Of Opportunity, but also proves that its is super important just to start the process of "making".


Sometimes we waste our time planning, editing our plans, then editing the second edition of the fourth edition of the original idea and so on and so forth. We overthink, get frustrated and end up not doing anything, because everything seems so pointless now.

Yes, its important to plan, but old-fashioned trial and error method also works pretty well.   

When you start working, you work not only on creating something — you develop your idea as well, it changes and evolves from your attempts.

For example, the main idea for the video was to show people what service can we offer and how our agile system is beneficial for the client. 

I took my idea to Scott and with his expertise in the field we started experimenting. We tried different approaches to storytelling, we had several versions of the video and with every attempt my initial idea was shaping and now its alive.

So maybe keep that simple thought in mind when you get frustrated while planning and editing your next big idea for the project, start working and it and perhaps then you will find our services very useful.

Current version which is good enough to publish

First recording

Working on the Storytelling

Setup at home

Storyboard in Miro