Simon Stellwag

Working between 4 time zones

During the last couple of months we were working on 5 projects for one of our clients in Berlin. Almost parallel, because they were connected and depending on each other.

• Branding & Identity

• Illustrations

• Matching Tool (platform)

• Digital Handbook (Website)

• Concept and navigation for a website

As a Design (None Studio) and Development Studio (Room of Opportunity) we are working remotely from Berlin, Guadalajara, Dhaka and Moscow. Which means we are all in different time zones.

This is my perspective as I am located in Moscow.

In the beginning I did not understand how to create a healthy structure and organise myself, so that I don’t feel constantly overwhelmed.

I was starting my day by working on my own tasks, until I realised that I need some design input from Humberto who was still asleep 😴 at that time because it was 4 am in Guadalajara, Mexico.

At the meantime some other tasks that were waiting for my actions or required a review got my attention when it was too late. 😅 Because the people who could give me input on these tasks were already off for the day.

This went on for a couple of days until I stopped trying to put a structure on top of the naturally developing flow of our project.

Time slots started to develop naturally, so that we could work together on the same things. We could have video calls, communicate in real time, do reviews and align for the next day.

In between there is enough time to work on tasks that do not need involvement or action of other people immediately.

You can not always be that strict of course and from time to time, some unplanned things happen, but it provides your team with an important structure and transparency.

Everyone gets the opportunity to structure the day in their own way.